“Enter the Gungeon” arcade game will be released soon

At the end of the story in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Marcus Fenix’s character kicks open the front door of his childhood home. The character then sees a crashed and utterly destroyed house. Everything there is in a disarray…

This return to a ruined family house is an echo of the task at hand. It plays a significant meaning for guys at the “Coalition” game dev studio. Why? Because it re-connects the plot of original Gears of War (released in 2006) with the future sequel, called “Gears of War 4”. Though this was intended to be just a homage to the first game in the series, it actually seems to be a pretty ironic thing. A thing, representative of everything that went wrong and what went right with this Ultimate Edition..


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition allows us some sort of time traveling. So as we go back to the year of 2006, we see Fenix ‘s character inside the gloomy prison cell for the first time… Again! But the graphics were updated in a major way since then. So Gears of War: Ultimate Edition does its best effort to balance the new quality of the picture with the nostalgic looks of the original game.

I played Gears of War on Xbox 360 not so long ago. Still the contrast here is apparent. Ultimate Edition removes the grumpy textures, glossy faces, and gloomy environments of the original game. Instead, it replaces them with well thought through, realistic landscapes and bright hues. The Coalition studio changed every cutscene. Additionally, even though I’ve seen those before, the new 1080p skin of the characters makes it feel like the first time too. Game developers have reversed the game’s aging process. It’s been done by applying the Benjamin Button look to any musclebound character…

The best part is that Ultimate Edition changes so much more than just the quality of the graphics. The content (story script itself), as well as the overall design. And let’s say, the cinematography is much better than the original one. For one, dropping in and out of the multiplayer mode got much easier and better. Now allowing you to chime in right in the middle of the game’s chapter. Ultimate Edition also borrows heavily from the trilogy’s sequels. It allows separate difficulty settings for individual gamers.

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